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Backpacking Checklist

More info in: The Boy Scout Handbook, Chapters 8-11.

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Personal Gear

___Backpack with good straps for
   lashing outside gear
___Pack cover
___Sleeping bag
___Insulating pad
___Hiking boots
___Hiking socks
___Liner socks
___Camp socks
___Under shirt / T-shirt
___Under shorts / briefs
___Short sleeved shirt
___Long sleeve shirt
___Fleece or sweater
___Lightweight jacket
___Hiking pants
___Rain poncho
___Thermal underwear
___Mittens or liner gloves
___Knit cap, wool or synthetic
___Hat, full brim
___Matches / fire starters
___Water storage bottles, wide mouth
___Sport squeeze bottle
___Sierra cup
___Spoon or spork
___Quartered paper towels
___Plastic bags
___Vitamins, Cal-mag, Emergen-C
___Lip balm
___Insect repellent
___First aid kit - personal
___Pocket knife or multi-tool
___Flashlight, extra bulb, batteries
___Camera (optional)
___Small musical instrument (opt.)
___Waterless hand cleaner
___Pack towel (or washcloth + towel)
___Small notepad
___Day pack / fanny pack (optional)

Patrol items to be divided among patrol members

___Tent with rainfly, tent stakes, guy lines, ground tarp
___Water filter or iodine tablets
___Bear canisters or bear bag
___Rope for bear bag
___Dining fly
___Nylon cord for dining fly
___Main meals, re-packaged
___Trail foods and dried fruits
___Pot set with lids, pot lifter
___Spatula, wire whisk (optional)
___Biodegradable detergent
___Sponge / scratchy pad
___Salt, pepper, spices
___Condiments, butter
___Cooking oil (optional)
___Teas, powdered drinks
___First aid kit - patrol
___Repair kit
___Backpack trowel
___Toilet tissue
___Playing cards (optional)

Patrol planning

___Duty roster
___Backpacking checklist for each member
___Patrol shared equipment list
___Hiking plan
___Map of hike
___Rank advancement and merit badge

Prohibited items

Hunting knives and weapons.
All music and video players, headsets, electronic games, radios, phones, cell phones, pagers, GPS devices, computers, PDA's, laser pointers, and strobe lights.

January 1, 2004
Revised June 1, 2004