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General Information

Sponsored by Delphi Academy

Scouts in Troop 555 share a common desire to do lots of outdoor activities and high adventure outings. We welcome Scouts from the schools and churches of Lake View Terrace and the surrounding communities. Many of our Scouts are students of the Delphi Academy, the sponsoring organization.

Delphi Academy uses the study methods developed by L. Ron Hubbard, and these help ensure complete understanding and full application of the scouting materials. You will find that these study methods are applied by members of our troop and you will be encouraged to discover them for yourself.

Many of the troop's Scouters (adult leaders) are Scientologists who also enjoy Scouting and the out-of-doors. Many of the Scouts in Troop 555 are Scientologists but Scouts from all religions are welcome to join. All the Scouts and Scouters in Troop 555 respect the religious beliefs of others and welcome members from all religions to become members.

Scouts and Scouters in Troop 555 emphasize living by the Scout Oath and Scout Law, and if you'd like to join us, we'll expect you to do the same.

Parents of Scouts are expected to actively support their son's Troop by:

  • attending outings;
  • taking a leadership position in the Troop;
  • driving Scouts to our many activities;
  • taking charge of a fundraiser;
  • or helping out in some other significant way.

The honest truth is that your son will advance to the degree you get involved in his advancement. All the founding Scouters in Troop 555 have at least one Eagle Scout son and that's directly due to their hands-on involvement in the management and operation of the Troop.