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Fast Start for New Scouts

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Troop 555 of the Rose Bowl District, San Gabriel Valley Council of the Boy Scouts of America.  Our regular troop meeting is held every Tuesday from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM in Library at Delphi Academy, 11341 Brainard Avenue Lake View Terrace, CA 91342. Parents are encouraged to attend and assist. The Patrol Leader Council meets before the meeting from 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM. Every second Thursday of the month is reserved for our Troop Committee meeting, which you are encouraged to attend and participate in 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM.  As a newcomer to the troop, we would like to help make your boy’s Scouting experience all that it can be.  To that end, we are presenting this packet of information to assist you

Items to Purchase

To get your boy off to a good start he will need the following items:

_____The Boy Scout Handbook
_____Official Boy Scout Shirt (Tan)
_____Boy Scout Neckerchief Slide (black with red edge)
_____Troop 555 Numerals – dark green ($2.00)
_____Patches:  Rose Bowl Council, Patrol Patch, World Crest, Arrow of Light (If earned)
_____Official Boy Scout Pants and/or Shorts
_____Dark Green Shoulder Loops
_____Boy Scout Socks
_____Merit Badge Sash

All the above may be purchased at the Smiser Boy Scout Shop.

Additionally he will need:
_____Troop T-Shirt ($12.00)  This is available from the Troop.

Annual Fees (* required fees):

            *New Scout Registration:         $12.00             Boys Life Subscription                        $12.00
            *Transfer Scout Registration    $1.00               *Annual Troop Dues               $2.00 each meeting
            Adult Leader Registration        $12.00             *Insurance                               $3.00


Purchase of equipment and clothing is left up to the individual family.  Some additional equipment, supplies, and clothing to plan for are: sleeping bag, thinsulite pad, backpack, tent, ground cloth, and hiking boots.  Backpacks, sleeping bags, etc may be rented from REI or Sports Chalet until they can be purchased.  Other purchase points for this gear may be garage sales or loaned gear from other scouts or family.  The troop has a limited amount of gear for use.

****The Boy Scout Handbook****

Please help your boy explore this excellent resource.  This book is the foundation for all essential information you and your boy will need to know.  It tells about the Scout Oath and Law, how to wear the uniform, where to place the patches, Scouting skills, rank advancement, and earning merit badges.  In short, all the information you need is at your fingertips.  Also, the Parents Guide in the front of the Handbook must be completed for your boy to earn the Boy Scout rank.

Yours in Scouting

Chris Gibson
Scoutmaster, Troop 555


Meeting Details

Meeting are from 6:00-7:30pm Tuesday night in the Delphi Art room.  Please be fully dressed and on time, bring your book and $2.00 dues.

In meetings, scouts work on advancements, prepare for upcoming trips, play games etc. 

The Senior Patrol Leader and the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader run the meetings.  Adult leaders are there coordinating upcoming events, recording advancements, instructing scout skills, etc.  Some of these adults are on the “Troop Committee”, meaning they provide support to the Troop, some are “Assistant Scoutmasters” who work directly with the boys on leadership skills, and instructing them on things like fire building and knot tying.

New parents are encouraged to come and get to know the leaders.  Our Scouting program is run by parent volunteers and we need you on the team!


The new scout first works on the basics (see page 4 of book), the Scout Oath and Law, and essential knowledge of being a Boy Scout. His first year or so should be spent on reaching the rank of “First Class” which encompasses basic scouting skills in the outdoors, citizenship and personal fitness. 

The focus then turns toward merit badge work and leadership. Topics like personal fitness, rifle shooting and sailing are just a few available for the boy to choose from. 

The Troop merit badge coordinator can help the scout start on his badges; he studies independently and with the assistance of a registered merit badge counselor. See page 14 and chapters 3-7. Merit badges are then presented twice yearly at our “Court of Honor” award ceremony held at school. 

To advance further, scouts must fulfill leadership positions in the Troop or conduct special Scoutmaster assigned projects.

Outings & Events

The troop outings and events are listed on the Troop Calendar in your enrollment packet.  A more detailed flyer is made available as the event draws near. 

Scouts work with their patrol to prepare for the outings (who buys food for meals, tent and equipment needed etc.); leaders and parents guide the scouts in these areas as they learn how to work as a team. 

The troop owns some equipment that may be available to borrow for campouts (see the Quartermaster). 

See chapter 8-9 in the handbook about outings, and chapter 10 for camp cooking.  A scout should have his “10 essentials” on all outings (see page 207 in book).  The enrollment packet also has checklists for backpacking and base camp (equipment and scouts are transported to the camp) outings. 

Other special outings include resident camping (usually 1 week), Youth Leader Training sessions, local BSA council and district events, national and international scout jamborees, and BSA National High Adventure outings (up to 2 weeks).  Timing and availability of these vary.  Much of the opportunity to experience these rests on the initiative of the scout, his Patrol, the Troop and parental participation.


Dues are $2.00 per week; outings are additional. Prices for the outings are on the calendar or when the outing flyer is posted. 

Expenses for outings vary widely.  Backpacking can cost as little as $15.00 per day and resident camping runs $40.00 to $80.00 per day.  Outings with special features such as white water rafting, snow boarding and long distance travel will cost more. 

Scout will eventually need hiking boots, backpack, lightweight sleeping bag, etc., as they advance in the troop program.   

Scouts are asked to participate in the Fall popcorn sales and Spring Expo ticket sales.  We also do a gift wrap fundraiser at Sport Chalet in La Canada during the holidays and occasional bake sales for the Delphi plays.

Learning Leadership & Skills

Helping your son prepare for outings is necessary to his success.  Please, before sending him on his first few trips, make sure he has packed in accordance with the backpack or camping checklists. 

If it is his turn to bring food for his patrol, please help him.  We can’t possibly get everything done in the meetings and often the younger boys are excited and distracted. 

Parent and scout should spend some time together alone helping to focus on his responsibilities to his patrol to ensure he learns about being a leader, and has success at it.  You are welcome to help him with advancement skills at home, just make sure he has a “final checkout” from a leader and that the leader signs his book. 

The Troop is designed to be “boy run” and your son will have the chance to hold a leadership position in the group.  Requirements for these positions are in scouting materials.


Email is the most common form of Troop Communication; additionally announcements are made at weekly meetings.  Flyers for upcoming events are distributed via email and at the meetings. 

Outing information flyers and updated calendars are also posted to our troop website at www.delphitroop555.org.


The Troop has a computer program called “Troopmaster” which is updated frequently by the Advancements Admin person. 

We track all personal information, activities and advancements. 

The Scouts advancement information should be in 4 places:

However, it is ultimately the scout's own responsibility to ensure the safekeeping of his advancement records. Keep in a safe place all rank advancement cards and merit badge cards.  We encourage the boys to keep their “little books” updated, as this is where the Advancements Admin draws data for Troopmaster.